Registration No. BNG(U)-KNGR/147/2000-2001/BKIV dated 20-09-2000
Registered under section 12A(a) of Income Tax of 1961 with 80G Benefits
“Adi Shakthi’, No. 14/16/, First Cross Road, Munireddy Layout
Chikkakallasandra, Subramanyapura Post, Bangalore - 560 061.
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1. To establish, promote, set-up, encourage, maintain, conduct, run, develop, improve, extend and aid Lectures, seminars, workshop and research on the Philosophy and practice of saints, scholars, Philosophers and prophets and disseminate knowledge with a view to effecting the thoughts and action of millions for the betterment of mankind and uplifting humanity in general. Centre or Centres of study, training & research in Fellowship, scholarship, institutions etc, to attain, the objects.

2. To investigate and study in co-operation with similar other agencies or persons wherever necessary methods for promulgation, propagation and dissemination of philosophical theories and practical’s.

3. To provide information, counsel and assistance in cash or in kind or any other assistance in this field to scholars in the form of fellowship, travel grants, maintenance grants, library books and equipments and advances and act as coordinating centre.

4. To publish journals, books, souvenirs, booklets, literature cassettes video etc. and such other Communication media materials for the propagation of knowledge for the betterment of mankind.

5. To collect, compile and keep information and literature on the various aspects of ‘Life’ and to encourage the creation of group of thinkers & Writers on this subject.

6. To provide knowledge, education and information among the students and youth of the country of the principles, preaching, practice of eminent persons and to gain the acceptance of the principles by the youth of India

7. To acquire, hold, sell pledge, mortgage, lease, otherwise deal with the property of any descriptions whether movable or immovable & to invest funds in securities and deposits and incur expenses, revenue or capital in nature in furtherance of the objects of the trust. The finds and the income of the Trust shall be solely utilized for the achievement of its objects and no portion of it shall be utilized for the payment to the Trust members by way of profit, interest, dividends, etc.

8. To undertake Infrastructure Developments and Benefit projects for the upliftment of Rural Populations.

9. To undertake Social Activities like Establishing affordable Educational Institutions, health care Centre’s, Old age homes, Construction of multipurpose Community Welfare complex Halls etc.,

10. To provide charities in connection with establishing orphanage, providing cloth to unclaimed bodies and related final rites etc.

11. To do all other acts, deeds and things necessary, useful, complimentary or conducive for attaining objects of the Trust and generally to take all other necessary actions decided upon by the Trustees for attaining the object of the Trust.

12. To utilize the income and or corpus of the Trust Fund for charitable purpose aforesaid in India in accordance with the provisions of the Income-Tax-Act, 1961.